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Pain-free exercise by farmer Bobby Jewell… Shoulder replacement by Jennie Stuart.
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Orthopedic Services Bobby Jewell
Orthopedic Services
Relieving the misery of joint pain
The combination of an aging population and advances in joint replacement procedures have made Orthopedic Services an even more important component of the care we offer at Jennie Stuart Medical Center.
We are equipped and certified to provide total joint replacement surgery for knees, hips, and shoulders, as well as surgery and care for everything from broken bones from falls and sports injuries to hands hurt in farm accidents and many other examples.
Patients requiring one or more nights to recover stay in our Orthopedics Unit, located on the 8th floor of the hospital. Meanwhile, outpatient procedures, including torn cartilage and many sports-related injuries, are typically performed at the Jennie Stuart Ambulatory Surgery Campus, located at 8250 Eagle Way.
Spacious patient rooms
The Orthopedics Unit has 19 private patient rooms, many of them large enough to hold the rehabilitation equipment total joint replacement patients use during their recovery.
The size of the rooms, which is the equivalent of a traditional semi-private room, allows physical therapy sessions to take place in the room. We believe for the sake of comfort and convenience, it’s better for those sessions to take place in the patient’s room, rather than moving patients back and forth between other areas of the hospital.
Care begins when the patient arrives
When patients arrive in the Orthopedics unit, each receives a gift bag with personal items people often need during a hospital stay – a comb, a toothbrush, and toiletries.
The bag also has business cards with contact information for the Orthopedics nursing director. The director visits each patient at least once a day to monitor the progress of recovery and to see if there are any other needs.
Comprehensive Care Team
The unit is staffed by RNs, LPNs, and nurse technicians who are always available for patients. At the beginning of each shift, the new staffers on duty post their names and phone extensions in each room. Then throughout their shifts, they visit the rooms hourly to monitor patient progress.
In addition, every patient is cared for during their recovery by an interdisciplinary Case Management team. This team comprises:
  • The orthopedic surgeon
  • Staff nurse
  • Physical therapist
  • Case manager
Together, this team maps out a recovery program for each patient, both during the hospital stay and after discharge to return home.
Additional qualified care
Monday through Friday, a board-certified, experienced physician’s assistant (PA) is on duty at the hospital 24 hours a day. Often assisting with the surgery itself, the PA remains familiar with each patient’s case, accompanying surgeons on their rounds through the department.
Getting home care right
Recovery doesn’t end when the patient leaves the hospital. This is taken into consideration when we create the recovery plan for each patient.
If a patient needs equipment like a walker, bedside commode, or cane, we make arrangements for that equipment and can even have it delivered to the patient’s home before he or she is discharged. We want to make sure there are no gaps or setbacks in the recovery program.
The Orthopedics Unit wants to be an active leader in providing consistent, high-quality care to people of all ages, in all stages of injury, recovery and health.
As time and technologies change, we will continue improving our systems and processes. If you have any questions or would like more information, contact us at (270) 887-0727 or (270) 887-0830.
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